Dr. Ranjan Muhandiram

Nurturing Health Through Time-Honored Wisdom

The Story

Welcome to the world of Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine, where tradition meets healing expertise. Meet A Traditional Dr. Ranjan Muhandiram, a distinguished Sri Lankan Traditional Doctor, proudly carrying the legacy of two esteemed families deeply rooted in the ancient art of healing.

Family Legacy: Veda Muhandiram

A Traditional Dr. Ranjan Muhandiram is the last descendant of the honored “Veda Muhandiram” caste, a title bestowed during the Portuguese Colonial Administration in Sri Lanka until 1956. His father, Lal Muhandiram, and his uncle, Punchi Banda Muhandiram, held this esteemed title. On his mother’s side, a traditional Dr. Ranjan hails from the renowned “Galagamu Veda Family,” specialized in Eye and Poison treatments. Originating from South Sri Lanka, this family has a rich heritage in holistic health practices.

Professional Journey

In January 2000, A Traditional Dr. Ranjan Muhandiram established “Siyarata Ayurveda,” a testament to his commitment to traditional medications. Later, in April 2021, he inaugurated “Siyarata Muhandiram Hospital,” now known as “Siyarata Herbals (Pvt) Ltd.” The hospital provides comprehensive Sri Lankan Traditional treatments, addressing a range of conditions from nerve diseases and bone-related ailments to diabetes and cholesterol issues.

Expertise & Heritage

The “Muhandiram Veda Family,” specialized in Full Body treatments, was the first in Sri Lanka to receive government support for their impactful work. A Traditional Dr. Ranjan Muhandiram proudly represents both the “Galagamu” and “Muhandiram” families, carrying forward centuries of healing wisdom.

Specialized Treatments

A Traditional Dr. Ranjan Muhandiram specializes in treating nerve diseases, including abnormalities, varicose veins, and eye disorders. His expertise
extends to bone-related conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Additionally, he offers effective solutions for
diabetes, cholesterol problems, and sexual impotence.

Holistic Approach

“Siyarata Herbals (Pvt) Ltd.” offers “Pre Packs” for over 21 diseases, crafted from a diverse array of over 500 Sri Lankan Traditional medicinal plants and sources. The hospital’s Out Patient Department (OPD) customizes medicines for patients within two days, ensuring a personalized healing experience. 

Legacy and Mentoring

Born on March 28, 1969, in the Kegalle District, In a Vesak Full Moon Poya Day Ranjan Muhandiram’s journey in Sri Lankan traditional medicine was guided by his mentor, Venerable Galagama Veda Hamuduruwo, his maternal uncle and a monk. His son is Dinuka Methmal Muhandiram

Ven. Galagama Veda Hamuduruwo

A Traditional Dr. Ranjan Muhandiram’s Golden Mentor